Peter Berry, President and CEO, of CryoPort, Inc. Talks to The Wall Street Transcript


The Wall Street Transcript has published an in-depth interview with Peter Berry, President and CEO and Kenneth Carlson, VP of Sales & Marketing of CryoPort, Inc., (OTCBB:CYRX) in which they talk at length about the Company.

The entire 2,500 word interview is available free online at

CryoPort develops leading edge, proprietary, technology-driven shipping and storage products for use in the rapidly growing global biotechnology and biopharmaceutical cold shipping chain. The products and services developed by CryoPort are essential components of the infrastructure required for the testing, research and end user delivery of temperature-sensitive medicines and biomaterials in an increasingly complex logistical environment.

When asked about the company's technology Mr. Carlson stated, "We have taken a well proven technology, a liquid-nitrogen dry vapor shipper, which is a product that has been used for quite some time in human reproduction, animal reproduction, etc., to safely ship frozen materials around the world then, by teaming with FedEx and via our business model we have positioned it as an alternative to dry ice in the clinical trials space. In addition to our shipper, we have developed a Web portal order entry and tracking system that is tightly integrated with FedEx to monitor the package during transit."

When asked about why investors should consider the company Mr. Berry stated, "We are just at the cusp of moving into revenue. But our uniqueness, our business model and our alliances can propel us a good ways forward, and I think that would be something that is important in today's market. We fit more closely to a bricks and mortar company profile even though we are technically an end to end service offering."

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Source: CryoPort, Inc.